Heather Harper LMT

Treatments & Pricing

  • Swedish Massage: Promotes relaxation with gentle, long, gliding massage techniques. Also, uses friction, stretching and kneading to create more blood flow in the muscles and help removes toxins.

  • Neuromuscular Therapy: Treats muscle spasm, injuries, and chronic pain with trigger point therapy. Also, alternative levels of concentrated pressure is applied to treated muscles, with palms, fingers, knuckles and elbows

  • Cupping Massage & Medi-Cupping: Consist of suction cups to help drain excess fluids and toxins within the body. Helps loosen adhesions and brings blood flow to muscles and skin. Stimulates the lymphatic system.

  • Reiki: A Japanese healing technique of hands on healing. Based on that every human being has a "life force energy" flowing through them that keeps them alive. During the process of life the energy can become stagnant and blocked creating exhaustion, illness and no fulfillment. Reiki moves the blocked energy so the life energy can move more freely. Therefore, creating relaxation, more fulfillment in one's life and relieving stress.


30 minutes....... $45

60 minutes....... $85

90 minutes....... $120 

Energy Healing sessions 60 minutes $100